The World is Your Campus

Recently, i’ve been thinking deeply about what was the single thing that made me sign that ‘intent to enroll’ form and finally accept to come to Bennington. Obviously, there are a number of things that drew me into Bennington but like any naïve 18 year old high school international kid; there is always that internal resistant, skepticism, that little drawback that you may not even be aware of. As I sat in my dorm room that night in the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa, contemplating on my hanging Bennington decision, I came across this short clip about Field Work Term. I was primarily concerned about the size of Bennington, its location, and the kind of relationships that I would be able to forge by coming to Bennington.

However, this short clip opened up a new world of possibilities for me and allowed me to imagine big about how my Bennington education could evolve and shape the person I wanted to be. It dissolved my fear of being trapped in a small college in the ‘middle of nowhere’ and showed me the numerous spaces in the world that Bennington students can occupy, it sparked a sense of vitality in my potential Bennington education, it excited me to want to come to Bennington, it encouraged me to make the first step in my journey of thousand miles. It made me sign that form with ease.  

Now that I have spent 6.25 terms at Bennington and completed 3 fabulous FWTs in three different countries in the interim, i’ve come to realize what this clip is about: its about the numerous possibilities for change that exist for both you and your work. This realization was what sparked my Bennington moment. We all have that moment. I challenge to find yours, and share it.

Have a beautiful day out there!

Chernoh ‘15 



In life, fortune is a fragile mistress. There is a delicate poise between triumph and tragedy, at all times. Sequences of events can occur that are beyond our control. Control what you can!

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